Week#1 Discussion#1 Guided Response# 3 by instructor

Being a substitute teacher was one of the hardest jobs I ever had! It was very stressful going into a different classroom each day, and yet exciting to see the kids learning and growing every year.

You have a solid idea for your research, we just need to work on your AR questions.

Action research requires at least two research questions, though you can have more. The basic questions should be one quantitative and a qualitative. The questions should be observable and measurable. What you have written are not observable or measurable. Use the format below to create your AR questions.

Quantitative: What is the difference in (scores, behavior, achievement, etc) when (your intervention) is applied over (period of time, should not be more than three weeks)?

Qualitative: What is the perspective of (stakeholders, teachers, students, parents, etc) in regards to (your intervention)?

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