Modeling of Engineering Management Systems

Post Graduate Program
Assignment Cover Sheet

Subject Name: Modeling of Engineering Management Systems
Problem Statement
Review one research article in the area of engineering (construction/civil/mechanical/chemical/electrical) that includes one of the Statistical modelling techniques cite below. The article must be directed at a scholarly audience. State clearly the research question, the experiment carried, the author interest, state clearly the hypothesis intended to be tested by the selected article using Statistical modelling techniques. Describe the dependent variable-the independent variables-the factors. You need to discuss the type of data and its source (give a brief overview of how the data was acquired, collected, observed or measured).
Discuss the findings, the tests of the assumptions. Give interpretation of the results and discuss the author conclusion in relation to the findings.
In case you have access to the research data, carry out the checking of the assumptions. You may even replicate the research (Reverse Engineering). The scientific article should have been published in ranked journals A or B.
Statistical modelling techniques Technique to be researched :
Sunday class: Anova By Blocking or repeated Measures
Monday class: Multi_factor Anova
Tuesday class: Multiple Regression
Wednesday: Logistic Regression or Multiple Regression
Saturday: Logistic Regression or Multiple Regression with categorical independent variable
Length: three pages typed (1.5 line spacing).
Source of the Journal article: Use the data bases available through the Library home page. UOWD subscribes to a large number of electronic form journals. Provide the research articles with the report. So you need to spot the article that look interesting to you in terms of the use.
Group work: All the members are expected to contribute to the writing of the report. All the members are responsible for any plagiarism. The groups are expected to work independently. You should submit your work as a report in a binding form.
Note: (Do not search through web).
The marking criteria will be based on
• Selection of the article which describes the statistical approach with enough detail to enable you to have a knowledgeable awareness of the research conducted and possible access to the original data to verify the reported results ( if possible).
• Describe the use of statistical versus the research hypothesis.
• The effort made by the team in understanding the article and the experimental design employed in the analysis (Do not give a summary of the paper).
• The report should demonstrate that you have (s) grasped the important concepts
• The report should demonstrate some relevant evidence of depth understanding of the objective of the empirical research conducted by the author(s)
• The quality of the writing (do not rewrite the research article). The report should be coherent
• The completeness and validity of the material in relation to the Author(s) research question
• The validity of the tested hypothesis in relation to the Author(s) research question
• Explicit awareness of strength and weakness of the research
• The quality of presentation and organization of the report, including the quality of expression
• Detail the empirical method
• Apply the critiquing criteria to the evaluation of the paper and its hypothesis
• Evaluate the method and the instrument used in the empirical analysis and state limitation(s)

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